Science for Georgia Communities

Science for Georgia Communities Initiative Purpose: provide deeper opportunities to connect the research and teaching in the College of Sciences with communities and economy in Georgia through engaging students and faculty. 

The Science for Georgia Communities Initiative will highlight and support research and teaching closely aligned with issues across the state of Georgia. Georgia Tech is well known as an incubator for leaders in science and technology fields. Through this initiative, we will demonstrate our leadership in giving back to communities in the state of Georgia that we serve. This initiative will build visibility in the College for the broader mission of Georgia Tech Strategic Plan in: 

  • Amplifying Impact – to address critical concerns of our time locally, the Initiative will help define and create opportunities to make impacts throughout the state including paving the way for increased public-private partnerships 
  • Expanding Access –the initiative will make clear how CoS can make an inclusive impact on the community, which will introduce the College to a broader number of citizens in the state, providing opportunities for students to engage with research and teaching 
  • Cultivating Well-Being – through the actions of addressing the challenges across the state, CoS will be working towards a better Georgia for all residents 
  • Leading By Example – this initiative will support the College in becoming a benchmark for community-centered impact research and teaching