STEP – Student Transfer Enrichment Program

Starting in Fall 2024, C-PIES will pilot a Student Transfer Enrichment Program to focus on the academic needs of all CoS transfer student to support mentoring, community building, and fostering a sense of connection to a new campus structure.

  1. Academic support: STEP participants will be involved in regular academic tutoring, have support in discovering critical campus resources, and be guided through the challenges of adjusting to the rigors of Georgia Tech.
  2. Social Engagement: STEP will allow transfer students a new opportunity to participate in well-developed programming for student engagement at Georgia Tech and beyond, engage in group activities, and grow as a community together. Social activities will be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the students in partnership with Explore LLC.
  3. Leadership Development: Mentors for students in STEP will provide guidance on leadership opportunities including service learning student activities on campus and beyond. Students in STEP may become STEP and Explore mentors as well.

This pilot will be evaluated over time its duration for impact on building a sense of community, understanding of navigating Georgia Tech, and academic success. After the pilot, we will seek opportunities to grow STEP to include more students.